What Every Parent Ought to Know to
Protect and Secure Their Children’s Future, Today!
(and why you shouldn’t put this off any longer …)
SAVE yourself from additional heartache, financial stress, and conflict.
Gain peace of mind that your children will not lose out if you aren’t there to guide them.
PLAN for those unforeseeable emergencies …
… If you think simply writing a will is all you need to secure your children’s future

… If you don’t think Estate Planning is important because you are simply too young

… If you don’t think you need to do anything except leave matters with your spouse

Then you do not want to miss out on what I’m about to share with you.
You're Responsible To PROTECT Your Family
The most catastrophic event in your child’s life would be your (or your spouse’s) premature death.
I’m not saying this to instill FEAR in you.

I do this because I believe in a thing called ‘HEALTHY paranoia’; something all loving parents have.
How Do I Protect My Family?
I don’t wish the worst to anybody. I want the best for you.  

To do that, you must plan for both (the worst and the best, of course).

Consider the events that would follow either a major injury, illness, or even your death.

(It’s a grim thought, I know. But just consider it for a moment.)

Just let the series of events that follow play out.
… How would this tragic event impact your children, not just emotionally, but financially and legally too?

… Who would deliver the news to your children?

… How could your children continue to get the SUPPORT you want to give them, even if you aren’t around?

… Who would care for them? And are these people ALIGNED with what you want for your children and their future?

… Who will raise your children in your absence?
How do you know your answers to the above are TRUE?
Are your ASSUMPTIONS sound?
How do you KNOW for SURE?
There are legal and other governing complications that you likely don't know you don't know.

There are so many question for which there are much needed answers.

And if you aren’t 100% clear on your answers, then this webinar is PERFECT for you. 
“It was our second marriage and I had two children from my first marriage. We weren’t sure what needed to be done, but I wanted to make sure everything was fair. Bridget helped us make informed decisions by explaining in plain English. We ended up with peace of mind – knowing everyone is taken care of.”
I was successor trustee of my uncle’s estate. It was complicated, with over 8 different family beneficiaries. Bridget helped me get the estate organized and distributed within four months! She was really easy to work with and handled some difficult people on my behalf.
Why Should We Listen to You Bridget?
Glad you asked.
I’ve been practicing law since 1996 and had a 10-year-career as a Deputy District Attorney for both Solano and Sonoma Counties.

Since then, I have started a law office that focuses exclusively on Estate Planning, Elder Law, Probate, and Trust  Administration. In 2014 and 2016, I was voted best attorney in the Petaluma People’s Choice Awards.
I’m also an active member of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, National Association of Elder Law Attorneys, and the California Association for Nursing Home Reform.
For over 13 years, the team at the Law Offices of Bridget Mackay have helped 1000s of families secure and transfer their legacy to their loved ones safely and efficiently, without court intervention or damaged family relationships.

Clients often come to me confused and uncertain about what to do.

In many cases, they have no idea of the consequences of not planning.

But after working with us, clients tell me this all the time:
“Bridget, I wish I did an estate plan sooner...”
I wish they did too. And that’s exactly why I am giving away this WEBINAR for FREE.
  • Learn about the potential RISKS you and your family are exposed to if something UNEXPECTED happens such as an accident, illness, disability, death etc. 
  • Explore the OPTIONS you have for protecting your children’s future if you’re not around.
  • How to AVOID picking the WRONG guardian to care for your children’s needs, and how to select the RIGHT guardian(s) for them.
  • How to PROTECT your child’s FINANCIAL future from unnecessary creditors, con-artists, and lawsuits
  • How to PREVENT your HEIRS from blowing through their inheritance on things that simply won’t be in their best interests
  • How to ENSURE you aren’t leaving a financial disaster for your children to deal with.
  • Ways to keep the government from EMPTYING your pockets and your wealth, including avoiding probate, death taxes, and conservatorship.
  • Get CLEAR on what makes an ESTATE PLAN leak-proof to unforeseen emergencies and events. 
And so much more! 
This is much more than just creating a WILL.
This is much more than just the MONEY.
This is about PLANNING for Life.
Yours and your Family’s
A plan that can: 
  • REDUCE your stress and anxiety. 
  • Give you more PEACE of MIND.
  • Increase alignment in YOUR FAMILY by getting clear on what matters most, what doesn’t, and how you can PREPARE for things to go according to PLAN when life doesn’t. 
“Our family grew quickly in the last five years, we knew we needed something in place to provide for them. We didn’t always agree who should take care of the kids if we couldn’t. Bridget gently helped us resolve the conflict between my wife and I – we were able to decide on someone we both wanted. She helped us get past the stumbling block and we were able to finish our Trust and not worry about what would happen to our girls.”
“Bridget helped revise and update our living trust. She carefully listened to our needs and implemented our wishes. She explained in simple to understand language the decisions we needed to make and the choices available.”
Why is the Webinar FREE?
What’s the CATCH?
The catch is: there is no catch.

It’s about being FAIR. This WEBINAR will educate you on all the things you don’t know you don’t know.

When you do gain the value we believe you will by registering and watching this webinar, you can take what you learn and apply yourself or with the help of ANY legal professional.

Whether you work with us or not, that’s entirely up to you.

Though we would love to be your preferred legal advisors, this webinar is our way of showcasing what’s possible for you and your family.
Many of us have fire insurance on our home. We don’t want to even think of what would happen if we lost our houses and personal belongings due to a fire. 

If disasters have taught us anything it is that you can’t plan WHEN they will happen and WHO it will happen to.

Every moment you don’t educate yourself and don’t have a plan in place, there is a risk.

You can’t foresee the future. But you can plan how to respond. And that’s what gives you peace of mind
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Go through it with your spouse, family … even your friends! 
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We believe this issue is so important that everyone who finishes watching this webinar is eligible for a “no cost” consultation with our law firm. 

We’ll help you get started on the process.

Just make sure you watch the webinar, write some notes and questions, and bring them to the meeting .
“As a same-sex couple we knew how important is was for us to have a well-drafted estate plan in place. Because we are not afforded the same legal rights, privileges, protections and benefit as married couples we wanted to find an attorney whose specialty included wills trusts and estate planning for domestic partnerships. We were delighted when we found Bridget. She was an absolute joy to work with, expertly guiding and advising us every step of the way. And not only did Bridget fit the bill, her bill fit our budget! We highly recommend Bridget to any couples who are seeking to protect their partners and their financial future.”
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